Data and Analytics

Is your company able to utilise and leverage all the benefits from the data you generate, possess, and acquire? Can you generate actionable insights, integrated into your custom processes, so that you can gain competitive advantage? Let us understand your business challenges so that we can help you become a more efficient and effective organisation.

We have created architectures that can cover multiple data sources, formats and types, including internal ERP data, CRM data, other downstream systems’ data, sensors stream data, as well as external data.

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AI and Machine Learning

Guess less and make business decisions based on data. Adopt AI-driven insights for a personalised service and smarter profitability management. 

We’ve created a framework which can help you throughout all phases of your AI journey, from ideation, to  POC, MVP and scalable production. Our team of Data Scientist, ML Engineers, Data Engineers and DevOps Engineers have already worked alongside our clients’ domain experts. We can work together to develop a first- class AI-driven application, which is tailored to your business needs.

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Software Development

Finding people who can code is easy when looking for a software development company. With us, however, you will find a partner to create a viable, custom solution that flawlessly works.  

Creating scalable and resilient web solutions is our specialty. We master the power of combining the right set of skills for a project utilising our expertise in back-end, front-end, data and analytics, cloud, DevOps, QA and product management. We also take all trending security precautions into consideration to ensure  the asset you are creating will operate fluently.

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Product Development

For any business starting a new product from scratch, no matter whether it’s a start-up, a scale-up or a mature company investing in a new solution, the selection of a development partner is critical. This partner should be perfectionistic about technology, but at the same time possess a mindset that complements  the innovative stage you are in.

With our expertise and hands on experience you will find a partner which can help you shape your idea through the POC, MVP and scale up phases by delivering a product with a set of functions that brings value. Our team has knowledge of different business niches and will accompany you at every step, ensuring you have a technological partner you can rely on.

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Digital Transformation

Fast-growing companies are working hard to transform so they can harvest innovation and growth. If you are in this phase, we can help you with a  unique combination of skills in data and software engineering.

The tech modernisation, digitisation and digitalisation are key prerequisites for you to remain competitive. More importantly, all modernisation efforts should not only be limited to systems and technology, but should also cover people, processes, and data aspects in your organisation. This is the only way to monetise the investments in tech modernisation and to become a frontrunner.

We have the expertise in all of the above to combine them into a solution that adds value to your company and transoforms your business.

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Strategy and Consulting

Our team’s expertise can help you in every step of the way with solutions and technology consultancy, guiding you to make the right choices. When making decisions about change, we give you the best advice - on time, every time.

We work under a strategic framework specially developed to cover all aspects of your organisation and to deliver an actionable roadmap, which you can execute in order to become insights-driven by leveraging cloud platforms, agile advanced analytics and building a transformative data culture.

This is valid for all fields of our expertise - Data & Analytics, AI & ML and Custom Software Development.


Focus, focus more

We know that there are a lot of other interesting projects out there but we also know how fast-changing technologies are, and in order to be on top we need to have focus. This is why we work with Python for web development and Data Science, so when it comes to the question “How good are you at what you do?” we can safely say, “We are not just good, we master it.”

Quality and expertise

Our perfectionism and constant striving for the highest quality are the reasons behind our choice of focus on technologies. We know that to be the best in one sphere requires a lot of time, energy and investment. It requires that each one of us strives to be the best and our company is structured in a way to inspire and support constant learning so we keep up the pace of the fast-growing world of technology.

Curiosity and creativity

We are not just executors, we are creative about products and technology and we bring not only engineering skills to the table. We are curious about life and technology and we can see the big picture.

Honesty and fair play

We keep our promises and this is something that we practise equally to our team, to our partners and to our clients.

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