Are you looking for a tailor-made custom solution that fully suits your business and is also ready for the fast-coming future? Our strength is in understanding clients' needs and creating great software products that bring value and competitive advantage to your business.

Business goals

Scope definition

Design and roadmap

Support and upgrade


Agile development

Principles that we follow

We are experts

Our perfectionism and aspiration for quality are the reason behind our choice of focus on technologies. We know that to be the best in one sphere requires a lot of time, energy and investment, and we are investing in our team of experts.

We are tech geeks

Our philosophy is to be on the cutting edge of technology. Our focus on the technologies we work with and our curiosity and intelligence make our developers exceptional.

We work as one team

We know that the products which our clients work on are important to them and they look for partners, not just developers. We are inspired to accept every new project as if we are part of the team. You will see in our team, real partners and team players.

We are agile

Agile methodology allows teams to deliver quickly, collaborate often, and continually improve. We follow this methodology 100% in our work, but we are also agile in terms of communication with clients, since we are all people and sometimes we need to be agile in the real sense of the word.

Creative and innovative

It is easy to say that we are creative, but one needs evidence. And what better evidence than having a CEO with tens of awards for innovation in social entrepreneurship and our own spin-off product designed and developed by our team, which works with global manufacturing companies? We are creative and we are ready to share our experience to help.

We are honest and respectful

One of the reasons our previous name was “Childish” before becoming VECTOR Labs was due to the honesty we preach and practice. Honesty is one of the values we follow and a value which we promote in our colleagues. We will not mislead you, and we will be transparent and open with you because this is how teams work well together.

Let's work together

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