AI Bootcamp Highlights

Concluding a fantastic 3-day AI bootcamp held at our office in CampusX, where learning, collaboration, and AI took centre stage!

On November 11 and 12, a group of talented bootcamp participants delved into the vibrant landscape of artificial intelligence, immersing themselves in knowledge and gaining hands-on experience in creating real-world models. The culmination of this experience occurred on November 19 when our participants took center stage to showcase their work. The session transformed into a lively forum for discussions and engaging Q&A, highlighting the passion and dedication each participant brought to the table.

A resounding applause is due to every participant for their commitment to the learning journey! 👏 We extend our deepest appreciation to our outstanding lecturers, our Head of Data Science - Georgi Nalbantov and Chief Data Scientist - Svetoslav Ivanov, whose expertise and guidance paved the path to success.

In the spirit of collaboration, we were honoured to host a guest lecture by our partner IBM Bulgaria, enriching our understanding of the latest industry insights, and technological advancements, and shedding light on AI governance.

Thank you to our IBM guest lecturer for sharing invaluable perspectives and contributing to the breadth of knowledge explored during the bootcamp.

To add a delightful touch to the conclusion, we marked the occasion with cupcakes, savouring the sweetness of success and the camaraderie and connections forged during this transformative learning experience. 🧁 As we bid farewell to this chapter, the quest for knowledge persists.

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