Educational gamification platform with mobile applications

Overview: One of our clients, an educational company, wanted to create a platform that would engage children in learning and promote reading habits among them. The challenge was to build a platform that had an exciting UX for the children and a complex back-end with multi-level users. The platform needed to allow children to play Q&A games based on books they had read, compete with other children, leave ratings for the book and communicate among themselves and within a group.

Solution: Our team started by developing the MVP and web version with a smaller team. After successfully completing the MVP, we made several major upgrades and the platform expanded to iOS and Android applications. The development process was intensive and required us to work within tight deadlines. Despite this, we delivered a smooth and efficient platform that worked with thousands of students throughout the country. 

One of the unique features of the platform was the ability for children to play Q&A games based on the books, compete in teams, leave ratings and comments and communicate with teachers, classmates, family members and other users. This not only made the learning experience more enjoyable but also helped to build a community of young readers. Furthermore, the platform functionalities included a virtual payment system with a custom gateway. 

During peak times the platform had over 20,000 users on the site, and it coped with the volume successfully. This was a testament to the scalability and reliability of the platform, which was designed to handle large volumes of traffic.

Status: Since the platform’s development in 2019, we have developed multiple upgrades and new modules, as well as mobile applications. Moreover, the clients are more than happy and thankful in partnering with us.

Key Metrics: Our team fully maintained and supported the web and mobile applications for four years, while the books’ questions base grew to over 35,000 questions and 700,000 played Q&A games.

We are proud to have contributed to the education of children through this platform, making learning more fun and interactive. Our team continues to work with the client to improve and enhance the platform in order to keep up with the evolving education industry.

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