At VECTOR Labs, we combine our experience and domain expertise to enhance learning, training, and knowledge-sharing processes to build interactive and easy-to-use online educational products.

With our services, we can help you create your digital learning products with the power of a personalised approach, data science, AI, powerful tools, and outstanding learning and engagement tactics.

Solutions for every need

According to the World Economic Forum forecast on the future of jobs, 50% of workers should reshape their professional skills or learn new ones by 2025. We know that gaining new skills, both professional and interpersonal, is essential and having the help of a digital solution makes the process easier and more accessible.

EdTech software has several advantages over other domains, such as low-cost LMS development and customization, easy accessibility, and increased effectiveness. 

We are thrilled to create e-Learning solutions that alter how educational institutions, startups, EdTech content creators, and students teach and learn. We are here to assist you in developing cutting-edge educational software that uses the most recent technological advancements for internationally accessible, enjoyable, and reasonably priced learning using our expertise and analytical experience.

Our experts will create tailored EdTech applications and software for every need. Our clients have used our key capabilities to:

  • Redesign their IT infrastructure and landscape.
  • Make learning more accessible and affordable.
  • Enable remote education.
  • Create a future campus that is digitally safe and secure.
  • Data enablement and digital integration.

Building personalised learning experience

By leveraging advanced technologies, we give our clients the tools to optimise their knowledge management solutions and deliver a personalised learning experience.

Our tech-enabled services can take your ideas forwards, including:

We develop secure and scalable custom products for the needs of your organisation.

  • Integration

We aim to provide flawless data exchange between systems and integrate custom applications with already installed third-party systems.

Using our expertise in the latest technologies in AI, ML, and NLP helps us create winning solutions.​​​

We have created architectures covering multiple data sources, formats and types, including internal ERP data, CRM data, other downstream systems’ data, sensors stream data, and external data.

We have the expertise in all of the above to combine them into a solution that adds value to your company and transforms your business.

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