VECTOR Labs builds full-range custom solutions that help manufacturing companies leverage the advantage of technologies and gain competitive advantage based on data-driven decisions. 

We have first-hand experience

Our team acquired first-hand expertise while building our machine and maintenance solution, Fabrico, allowing us to understand manufacturing business needs better and to become a reliable one-stop partner from the requirements analysis to development and deployment.

Industrial manufacturing software is a must to achieve genuine business benefits in manufacturing and production. Every function, from manufacturing to shipping, can function efficiently with digital processing. Our company creates valuable industrial software that replaces outdated systems, decodes data information, and offers real-time management of all your organisation's operational activities.

Manufacturing software solutions allow businesses to automate processes, optimise business, reduce risks, and increase company productivity and profitability. We provide ERP development services that enhance manufacturing operations at every level by delivering features like:

  • Effective administration of work orders
  • Assets management
  • Tracking the whole production process
  • Centralised product information
  • Tracking of materials and consumables
  • Combining lifecycle management and integration.

End-to-end solutions

Using data science and AI, manufacturing businesses can produce, price, and distribute products as effectively as possible. Improved competitiveness and higher profits will result from this newfound efficiency. We can help you incorporate the benefits of digitalization through

We develop secure and scalable custom products for the needs of your organisation.

  • Integration

We aim to provide flawless data exchange between systems and integrate custom applications with already installed third-party systems.

Using our expertise in the latest technologies in AI, ML, and NLP helps us create winning solutions.​​​

We have created architectures covering multiple data sources, formats and types, including internal ERP data, CRM data, other downstream systems’ data, sensors stream data, and external data.

We have the expertise in all of the above to combine them into a solution that adds value to your company and transforms your business.

  • Legacy software modernization.

Manufacturing Case Studies


Let's work together

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